Wednesday, August 5, 2009

astroturfing til they're blue in the face.

Sometimes I wonder if politics is where I should be devoting most of my time. I can't get enough of it. Literally. When I have a second of free time I'm checking Drudge or HotAir or The Ace... they're just all so awesome. How did we live without internet? How did we know what was going on when we had to rely on the mainstream media for correct information? It blows my mind.

Lately, they've all been talking a lot about the healthcare fiasco, the cap and trade crisis, and the economy in general. What I don't understand is when having a differing opinion became prohibited? If you only paid attention to the mainstream media, you'd think republicans were rounding up people to brainwash them against anything Obama wants to do. But you know what the great thing is? They can tell you that we're fearmongering a bazillion times, and its still not going to make it true. Thinking that government run healthcare is NOT a good idea does not constitute fearmongering. I sense some projection happening here....

What's all this about, anyway? You have your filibuster proof majority... all the convenient little votes you need in order to make the healthcare or cap and trade things happen. You don't need a single republican vote to implement those horrific changes to our country. So why come after us? If you think healthcare and cap and trade are such great, bulletproof ideas, then implement them. Do it. No one is stopping you. Oh, you don't like that idea? Little scared that it might crash and burn and it would take two generations for anyone to vote democrat again? That makes more sense. So let me get this straight... you want us to cover you in case it all goes to hell. You want to be able to shift the blame to somebody. Yeah, how about no.

We don't like your healthcare plan. We don't believe you when you say that we can keep our same coverage... because see, thats not how the free market works. Why would people pay for private coverage when the gov't is going to give it to them for free? So what will the private insurers do when they have less people paying them to be insured? Maybe... their prices will go up? So then how many people will be able to keep their plan and their doctor? And how is our broke gov't going to pay for all of that anyway? Magic money?? Haaa... yeah right.

I don't know about you, but I'm not particularly fond of the DMV. The thought of that being applied to my doctor is just down right frightening. So the next time you think that its only crazy, fearmongering right wingers who oppose the dictator, oops, i mean the president's health care plan, think again. Its pretty much anyone who isn't socialist.

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