Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear GOP...

Dear RNC,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the phone call this week. I was just starting to think that you had forgotten about me, since its been so long since I've heard from you! Oh wait, just kidding, I hear from you ALL THE TIME. I know you probably haven't noticed, but every time you write/call/email you're asking for money! This is surely an oversight, I'm sure. I know I mean much more to you than that :)

I was thinking after our chat this week that there were a few things I really didn't get to say... I know you had some nice stats about how Obama is the tax-and-spend liberal that we all know him to be, and that was a nice touch. It might have worked on someone who uses the mainstream media as their only source of information. But sadly, I keep myself informed. Did you really expect me to contribute money to the mess that is the RNC right now? Moderates are attacking conservatives, conservatives are thrashing moderates, all at the prodding of the lefties in charge. You're letting them win. You're letting them brand us as the party of "NO". There has been few (if any) attempts to stop the infighting. Do you really expect the GOP to make a comeback in 2010 and 2012 if we can't get along? I don't know if you've realized this, but its going to take both conservatives and moderate republicans if we're ever going to have a comeback. Either group doesn't have the numbers to pull it off without the other side. And lets be real, either side is better than Obambi, who's national security motto is about as effective as a petulant 3-year-old's ("You guyyyyyyssssss, DOOOOOOOOOOOON'T! I'm gonna tell the U.N. if you don't stoooooooopppp").

So here's my advice if you want to pick up the fund raising efforts: Get your act together. Steele needs to either sack up or get the eff out of the way for someone who can. This is not the party of the rich white old guy. We've got talented people like Zo and Steven Crowder who are doing a better job of things than you are. Obama is giving you an endless amount of material to nail him with, so get on it. And furthermore, who do you really think contributes to the GOP, moderates or conservatives? People who are only moderately tied to the principles that the GOP espouses or people who are in it whole-heartedly? Yeah, that's what I thought. Soooooo you might want to keep that in mind. I'm not really gonna stress myself too hard to help you out when you have no idea which way is up or what the party stands for. So there ya go. :)

Glad we had the chance to chat though! I look forward to your next letter,


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  1. LOL!
    Excellent letter Brandy! Any chance you could write one for me to the McCain campaign? Somehow, I don't think they quite understood me when I told them to DROP DEAD after the election.